A comedy about prophets, charlatans, reality shows, and religion.


is a companion to my series of video essays, ANATOMY OF CHAOS. These videos are condensed versions of a lecture series I taught at California Institute of the Arts Film Program.
These chapters are intended to be an educational and inspirational resource that fosters discussion and supports writers and artists of all kinds as they develop their art. 
The entire ANATOMY OF CHAOS video series is available free of charge on my website, Lost Tribe Entertainment (www.losttribeentertainment.com), as well as on my ANATOMY OF CHAOS YouTube channel. 

"The balance of razor sharp satire, complex philosophy,

   and meaningful, suspenseful drama is just amazing."

​                                                                        -L. Hafen

"If you get involved, this book will eat up your time and you won't be able to put it down. Smartly written, well developed characters and a carefully crafted plot"   -IRB Skiing

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"Media frenzy, reality shows gone wild, prophets, profits, characters you'll love and characters you'll love to hate. A hilarious page turner."                            -Bryce Toronto

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Desperate to save his career, a reality show producer transforms an unassuming hipster into a celebrity prophet. But when he ignites a volatile mass religious movement he must hustle networks, mobster investors, zealots, and the N.S.A. to keep his reality show alive.

"Hilarious and deceptively insightful."

​                                                              -PROXY

                                                              the artist